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MTV Hustle's King On - Indian Rappers, Music Business & Money | Figuring Out 44

July 09, 2022 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
MTV Hustle's King On - Indian Rappers, Music Business & Money | Figuring Out 44
Show Notes

In this podcast we have MTV “HUSTLE” fame Arpan Kumar Chandel, professionally known as King or King Rocco. In the recent past, we all have grooved to the soothing beats and warm lyrics of ‘Tu Aake Dekhle, and in this podcast we will discuss:

-How does the music industry work?
-Ways to make money as an artist
-Importance of passive income
-What works and what doesn't work in Indian music industry
-How artists manage their money?
-What are the biggest opportunities in the Indian Music Industry?

Initially, King used to make rap videos and release them on various social media platforms. However, his journey as a rapper started holding the hands of MTV Hustle 2019. In this show, he was seen performing before renowned rappers, Raftaar, Nucleya, and Raja Kumari. By his very first performance, he won the hearts of the judges as well as of the audience. Even Nucleya offered him to work on one of his albums.

Now Arpan Kumar Chandel is known across India by his stage name King and has achieved a huge fan following. He utilised YouTube to release his songs and has eventually achieved great success in it. His ability to connect with his fans, what they want, which type of songs they will like- is one of his biggest perks.

Watch the podcast till the end to know how he built one of the largest businesses and much more!

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Twitter: @ifeelkingOG

Instagram: @ifeelking

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00:00 - Introduction
00:42 - When did he decide to become a rapper?
03:59 - His story of Hustle
20:14 - What’s his dream now?
22:32 - There is no shortcut of success
25:18 - Framework of making a great song
28:13 - Importance of Passive income 
30:09 - Ways to make money as an artist
33:50 - Royalty in India
36:40 - Indian music industry
42:07 - American Artist Vs Indian Artists
51:25 - How artists manage their money?
57:28 - Launching business as artist
1:03:07 - Money Vs Happiness
1:14:35 - Opportunities in the Music Industry
1:20:27 - 72 hour rule for haters
1:29:00 - Conclusion

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