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How He Built Moj in 30 Hours After the Ban of TikTok? Raj Shamani | Figuring Out 48

August 05, 2022 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
How He Built Moj in 30 Hours After the Ban of TikTok? Raj Shamani | Figuring Out 48
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In this week’s episode of Figuring Out we have Ankush Sachdeva Co-founder and CEO of ShareChat. His team created a Moj, a replica of the popular Chinese short video platform TikTok in just 30 hours after the ban of TikTok. In this podcast we have discussed:

-How did he create Moj in just 30 hours after the ban of TikTok?
-How he built ShareChat after 14 failed startups?
-Love & Breakup, Next Big Industry?

When we talk about our present, Social Media is one of the prime things out there, that made a place in our life. There is hardly anyone who is not on any social media. In this scenario, one Indian decided to find a social media platform that will change the way Indians perceive social media.

Ankush Sachdeva is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of the Indian social media platform, Sharechat, which was launched on 8 January 2015. He supervises the company's growth strategy and examines product development. Ankush Sachdeva is the Founder of Mohalla Tech Private Limited firm which owns Sharechat. Sharechat has over 180 million monthly active users and the app supports 15 Indian languages, 

He built and experimented with 14 startup ideas before finding success with ShareChat.

Mohalla Tech hit unicorn status with a valuation of $2.1 billion, after a $502 million fund raise led by Lightspeed Ventures and Tiger Global.

Watch this podcast till the end to know about  short form content and AI, Funding, building in India, social status, and more.

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00:00 - Introduction
01:08 - Instagram Vs Sharechat
02:36 - ByteDance copied ShareChat?
06:14 - Launched Moj in 30 Hours
08:17 - How to onboard users on your platform?
10:47 - How does content go viral on social media?
16:26 - How do people think in India?
18:12 - Which type of content users reshare on social media?
20:04 - Is India a status driven society?
22:57 - Do we celebrate the destruction of startups?
26:54 - Growth trajectory of India
30:46 - India’s GDP Vs Export
36:08 - Google acquiring ShareChat?
39:22 - Early exit of startups in India
41:02 - Journey of ShareChat?
48:16 - Building social platforms in India
51:11 - His biggest learning 
54:51 - How to hire the right people?
56:32 - Mistakes people should avoid while building a startup
1:00:51 - How ShareChat makes money?
1:04:15 - Social Media platforms shape the way people think?
1:07:47 - Threats from political parties?
1:09:23 - Love & Breakup, Next Big Industry?
1:12:24 - Conclusion

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