Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

You DON'T Know This About Money - Ron Malhotra, Wealth Planner | FO 105 - Raj Shamani

July 11, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
You DON'T Know This About Money - Ron Malhotra, Wealth Planner | FO 105 - Raj Shamani
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In this episode of Figuring Out podcast with Raj Shamani we're thrilled to have Ron Malhotra join us for an in-depth discussion. Ron is a thought leader, speaker, and expert in the field of personal development and wealth creation.

We start by discussing the current state of our education system and whether it's adequately preparing us for success in the modern world. Ron shares his thoughts on why India has only a handful of billionaires and what can be done to foster greater entrepreneurship and innovation.

We also delve into the topic of the Feminist movement and its role in society today. Ron offers his perspective on this complex issue and how it relates to broader questions of equality and opportunity.

Finally, Ron shares his insights on how to achieve wealth and success. He provides practical advice and strategies for anyone looking to improve their financial situation and create a more prosperous future.

Don't miss this engaging and enlightening conversation with Ron Malhotra!


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0:00 - Introduction
2:05 -  Ron’s background story
7:38 - Zone of genius
10:17 - How he started working for India   
12:13 - Blind zone of an average person
19:22 - Is it okay to not know your strengths? 
22:55 - The test of how to make more money
24:31 - How to find your purpose? 
27:25 - Is education not enough to fastrack our journey to wealth? 
37:20 - Was education system meant only for corporate training
40:23 - Are professionals becoming more close minded? 
43:14 - Why is the topic of money controversial? 
46:23 - Low emotional intelligence 
56:50 - Top 3 rules of wealth
1:00:17 - Andrew Tate & discussion on feminism


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