Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Danger Of Future AI Technologies Explained By Tech Expert Srikanth Velamakanni | FO 112 Raj Shamani

August 05, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Danger Of Future AI Technologies Explained By Tech Expert Srikanth Velamakanni | FO 112 Raj Shamani
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Prepare to be enlightened and engaged as in this episode of Figuring Out, Raj Shamani hosts a captivating conversation with the visionary CEO of Fractal Analytics, Srikanth Velamakanni. Srikanth is a great C.E.O. who works tirelessly without losing sight of the strategic objective. Fractal is a leading player in the artificial intelligence and transformative enterprise decision making space. Fractal’s mission is to power every human decision in the enterprise and to use the power of AI to help the world’s most admired Fortune100 companies. Since Srikanth co-founded Fractal in 2000, the company has raised more than USD 300 million from institutional private equity investors.

In this exclusive podcast episode, they unravel the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence on our world. The conversation kicks off with a bold exploration of the implications of AI on the bottom 50% of the population, with Srikanth advocating for the democratisation of AI access. Delve into the fascinating world of AI language models as they dissect the race between ChatGPT and Bard. Discover how ChatGPT has the potential to shape human thinking, acting as a personal assistant for every individual. The conversation takes a thought-provoking turn as they delve into the potential dangers of AI, from the rise of powerful companies to job displacement and the crucial need for AI safety. 

The discussion takes a philosophical turn as they explore the profound impact of AI on society, contemplating the challenges of AGI and automation. Intriguing insights into India's role in the AI landscape are unveiled, as Srikanth envisions the Indian army's technological transformation and discusses AI's potential to reshape global dynamics. Srikanth offers practical advice for individuals seeking to enhance their lives through AI, highlighting the transformative power of integrating AI into daily routines. The conversation ends with insights into India's standing in the world of AI, the potential transformation of the IT service industry, and the rising prominence of Indian talent in the field.

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00:00 - Introduction
2:17 - Will AI users get unfair advantage?
5:47 - Will language be a barrier for Chatgpt? 
7:17 - Google, Amazon & others as AI players
8:30 - Chatgpt VS Google Bard: Who will win? 
13:36 - Will Chatgpt make an average person? 
18:01 - Isn't Chatgpt scary?
21:52 - Fake photos of trump getting arrested? 
23:42 - Dangers of AI
28:28 - How can we not let AI get too powerful? 
32:20 - Indian army with AI?
38:52 - Impact of AI on finance
41:32 - Impact of AI on L