Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Dr. Hiranandani - The KING Of Real Estate Business Worth 12000 Crores | FO 116 - Raj Shamani

August 19, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Dr. Hiranandani - The KING Of Real Estate Business Worth 12000 Crores | FO 116 - Raj Shamani
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In today’s podcast, we have with us the real estate tycoon Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani. Discover how this self-made success story embarked on his journey. From modest beginnings as a teacher and even owning a textile factory, he ventured into real estate, even after some initial setbacks. He is the founder & MD of Hiranandani Group and has created one of a kind township in Mumbai’s powai along with several other projects in Thane, Lokhandwala out of many others. 

Dr. Hiranandani shares his practical wisdom on an age-old question - should you rent or buy a house? He simplifies the choice for usWe have discussed how successful people align business with national goals, leveraging government initiatives to contribute to India's economic growth.He speaks about the role of the younger generation in innovation and progress, and why just copying won't lead to success. His unique perspective on investment, along with his journey from spender to strategic wealth builder, provides valuable insights.

From dream projects of eliminating slums to ensuring quality homes, Dr. Hiranandani's vision and practicality offer a masterclass in real estate, business in general and success. Don't miss the end as the conversations range from real estate, success mantras to how quality over cheap products can change the face of the country. 

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00:00 - Introduction
2:26 - His background
6:26 - Rent VS Buy 
11:45 - Mistakes he did
12:27 - His financial practice
14:04 - How to decide on the next big thing?
17:57 - Why did everybody stop him from making Powai Township?
20:43 - How to align business with national interest?
24:23 - Will India's GDP double up?
25:40 - When does a father know his child is ready?
27:01 - Never copy anyone
28:08 - Can VC solve all problems?
32:45 - Are Indian consumers price sensitive? 
37:31 - Good Quality VS Cheap
39:54 - Elimination of slums in Mumbai
43:04 - Most expensive thing he has 
46:27 - How does he invest his money?
48:28 - Craziest rumour about him
51:18 - Favorite property in the world
54:48 - Price of his apartment
55:53 - Conclusion


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