Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Dirty Reality Of The West & India’s Untold Science Secrets | Srijan Pal Singh | Raj Shamani | FO 117

August 22, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Dirty Reality Of The West & India’s Untold Science Secrets | Srijan Pal Singh | Raj Shamani | FO 117
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In today’s episode of Figuring Out, Raj is in a conversation with Srijan Pal Singh. A social entrepreneur, former Advisor to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and founder of Homilab and Kalam Centre, Dr. Singh is also an author who's deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of inventors. In this discussion, Srijan shares his mission to create a new generation of inventors, echoing Dr. Kalam's belief in giving dreams to children. The conversation navigates through India's democratic spirit,Srijan’s formative years, his education, and his serendipitous encounter with Dr. Kalam.

The conversation drives into  India's historical shift in the field of science and innovation. Dr. Singh traces the roots of India's scientific accomplishments, delving into the pre-colonial era and the unfortunate transformation post-British rule. He unveils how the nation that once excelled in areas like botany, Ayurveda, and binary numbers was systematically derailed by British policies and colonial education.

Srijan’s Homilab, which has over 40k subscribers, focuses on 2050 and beyond, tackling topics like Mars colonisation, fusion power, quantum computing, and the often misunderstood AI. Delving into future technologies, he explains quantum computing, envisioning a world where devices can predict astrological events and where humanoids could even engage in love relationships. He sketches an exciting future where machines have rights and lawyers.

The conversation turns to energy independence, a dream championed by Dr. Kalam. He elaborates on India's strategic advantages in the hydrogen sector, foreseeing the nation's transition to hydrogen-based energy. Addressing India's perception, he highlights the nation's history of innovation through significant achievements like BrahMos, nuclear capabilities, and space exploration. He also scrutinizes the West's role in leaving India with challenges, like economic decline and societal fragmentation, which were intended to weaken the nation. 
Make sure you watch this podcast till the end, you’ll be left with some changed ideologies about India & its history! 

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00:00 - Introduction
2:39 - Why is his work important for India?
4:13 - How did he meet Dr. Kalam?
9:20 - How did he start working with Dr. Kalam?
13:23 - Why are Indian scientists not recognised internationally?
16:02 - How Britishers manipulated Indian education system
18:45 - Who do Indians hardly get Nobel Prize? 
21:50 - This should be taught in schools - Dr. Kalam's ideas. 
30:55 - Optimism VS Pessimism
36:29 - Future of Quantum computing in India
44:08 - Dr. Kalam's dream of making India energy independent
47:35 - Hydrogen fuel in India?
49:41 - Why is India in the best position today?
55:15 - Why is India not a leader in Innovation & brands?
1:00:45 - Conclusion 


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