Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

How Is China CRUSHING India? Harsh Pant Explains | Raj Shamani FO 119

August 29, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
How Is China CRUSHING India? Harsh Pant Explains | Raj Shamani FO 119
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Get ready for an enlightening and engaging conversation as Harsh Pant, a distinguished Professor of International Relations at King's College, London, and Vice President of Studies and Foreign Policy at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, joins Raj Shamani for an insightful podcast episode. Join us as they navigate through a wide range of topics, from India's economic aspirations to its complex foreign relations, shedding light on critical issues shaping the nation's trajectory.

In this episode, Raj Shamani discusses the high-net-worth individuals seeking opportunities abroad. Harsh Pant offers a unique perspective and hey explore the evolving landscape of India's economy and discuss the potential for these individuals to return, particularly if India continues its trajectory towards a 10 trillion-dollar economy.

Branding of India takes center stage as they dissect the importance of shaping a positive narrative for the country on the global stage. Harsh Pant delves into India's journey from negative news to a more optimistic narrative, drawing comparisons with China's shifting perception. The conversation dives deep into India's intricate relationship with China, dissecting the nuances of border issues, geopolitical priorities, and the significance of India's role in the Quad alliance. The spotlight then shifts to the pressing issue of terrorism, as they discuss India's efforts to combat this threat and its implications in the global arena. Make sure you watch this podcast till the end to get a never-seen-before perspective on India’s geopolitical relations. 



00:00 - Introduction
2:21 - Brain Drain in India
8:12 - Can India flourish if people keep spending abroad? 
12:22 - India's branding & it's story
15:30 - India: $10 Trillion Economy?
22:42 - Is India's Infrastructure getting better?
25:54 - How India's relations got better with USA
26:40 - Is India's relationship degrading with Russia? 
32:35 - The dynamics of India-China relationship
43:00 - Why do countries divide within themselves?
49:09 - Terrorism: Still a threat to India? 
56:23 - Conclusion


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