Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Indian S*xual Wellness Business Explained by Pee Safe Founder Vikas Bagaria | Raj Shamani | FO 120

September 02, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Indian S*xual Wellness Business Explained by Pee Safe Founder Vikas Bagaria | Raj Shamani | FO 120
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Join Raj in a captivating podcast episode featuring Vikas Bagaria, the visionary founder of Pee Safe. This engaging conversation unveils the journey of creating a new category in personal hygiene and the challenges that come with it. Raj kicks off by delving into how Vikas discovered the groundbreaking idea behind Pee Safe. He explores the inception of the brand in the wake of the popularity of hand sanitizers, tracing back to China's influence post-SARS. Vikas shares his motivation, sparked by personal experiences including his wife's illness and the aftermath of the Nirbhaya incident.

The conversation navigates through the innate lack of safety awareness and preventive healthcare practices among Indians. This forms the foundation of Pee Safe's mission. They discuss the journey of fundraising and entrepreneurship where Vikas narrates his experience of finding funds, shedding light on the pivotal role of legal counsel, vision, strategic partnerships and how the story is important for a good pitch. Vikas elaborates on the challenges faced, from changing hygiene habits to navigating the pandemic's impact. He provides insights into overcoming adversity, including strategic shifts in response to market dynamics and the daunting challenge of maintaining a foothold during trying times.

Raj and Vikas share their perspectives on women's workforce participation, menstrual health, and the cultural context of sexual pleasure products. They explore issues ranging from menstrual health stigmas to the significance of advocating for tax-free menstrual products. Vikas offers a candid view on the importance of destigmatizing sexual pleasure products and fostering a more open and progressive society.

Dive into this enriching podcast episode as Raj Shamani engages Vikas Bagaria in an enlightening conversation about entrepreneurship and societal progress. Hit that subscribe button now and make sure you watch this podcast till the end!



00:00 - Introduction
3:02 - Pee Safe's category creation 
5:09 - Discovery of toilet seat sanitizer 
6:20 - How did the hand sanitizer industry get developed?
7:59 - Need for toilet seat sanitizer 
8:42 - SafetyKart and its story
11:02 - Indian mindset about safety
13:01 - Funding issues because of no pedigree in education
19:39 - Importance of Legal Counsel in companies
20:13- Selling the company 
22:49 - First fundraise for Peesafe 
25:08 - Selling the product story  to investors
30:52 - Challenges faced by Pee Safe 
38:09 - Workforce in India: Men Vs. Women
44:55 - Menstrual products and taxes on it
46:45 - Sexual health products for women and LQBTQ community
55:47 - Empowering safe sex 
57:30 - Advertisement related issues for condoms 
58:31 - Sexual pleasure product market in India
1:02:21 - Conclusion


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