Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Growing Business on WhatsApp, Scams & Future of Content ft. Sandhya Devanathan | FO123 Raj Shamani

September 12, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Growing Business on WhatsApp, Scams & Future of Content ft. Sandhya Devanathan | FO123 Raj Shamani
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Prepare for a fascinating journey into the world of digital innovation as Raj Shamani hosts Sandhya Devanathan, Head of Meta India, in a thought-provoking episode that explores the ever-evolving digital landscape. The conversation starts as they discuss the phenomenon of rebranding and why it has become such a powerful trend right from Facebook, Twitter & other brands. The discussion then shifts to trust in the digital age, with Raj questioning whether India's trust deficit affects platforms like WhatsApp. Sandhya highlights the platform's success in India and the challenges they've faced, including the importance of privacy, especially in a market like India with its vast user base. She provides insights into WhatsApp's role in empowering small businesses. The conversation takes a deeper dive into issues such as unknown video calls and malicious content on WhatsApp. Sandhya explains how WhatsApp is taking steps to improve user experiences, including education campaigns, AI-driven content moderation, and substantial investments in this area. Sandhya discusses India's significance as WhatsApp's largest user base and the comparison with China. 

The discussion then pivots to the creator economy, with Raj questioning the future of creators and their potential for growth. Sandhya underscores the significance of creators and the enduring appeal of the creator economy. She also discusses the role of micro-influencers and how businesses are increasingly collaborating with smaller creators. The conversation delves into the strategic positioning of YouTube and Instagram, with Sandhya explaining how each platform serves different user needs. She emphasizes the value of creators on these platforms and how they shape the user experience.

Raj and Sandhya discuss the return on investment (ROI) on WhatsApp and the cost of advertising on Facebook. The episode concludes with valuable insights and tips for businesses looking to leverage WhatsApp for marketing and transactions. Raj emphasizes the potential of WhatsApp as a powerful tool for businesses in India. Don't miss this enlightening podcast episode as Raj Shamani and Sandhya Devanathan explore the ever-changing digital landscape and share insights into the strategies, trends, and opportunities shaping the digital future. Subscribe now and stay ahead in the digital game!

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00:00 - Introduction
4:45 - Productivity hacks
6:37 - Why Facebook became Meta?
9:44 - Most fascinating tech devices
12:22 - How Meta earned India's trust?
16:49 - WhatsApp VS Telegram
20:34 - WhatsApp call Scams
24:57 - Fake profiles on Instagram
28:09 - India - largest user base of Meta? 
29:49 - Future of creator economy
38:05 - Meta for small businesses
42:14 - Is marketing on Meta beneficial? 
48:57 - How to grow your business on WhatsApp?
53:31 - Conclusion


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