Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

EASY Wealth Creation Tips & Secrets ft. Purplle Founder Manish Taneja - FO 127 | Raj Shamani

September 27, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
EASY Wealth Creation Tips & Secrets ft. Purplle Founder Manish Taneja - FO 127 | Raj Shamani
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In the latest episode of Figuring Out Consumer Brands Raj Shamani sits down with the Co-founder and CEO of - Manish Taneja, a leading player in India's booming beauty and personal care industry. Together, they explore the nuances of the Indian beauty market, its unique challenges, and the strategies that have propelled to success.

The conversation kicks off with a deep dive into why certain Western countries have outpaced India in terms of development. Drawing comparisons with countries like Singapore and South Korea, he highlights what these nations have done differently in terms of governance and entrepreneurship, shedding light on lessons India can learn.Raj then steers the discussion towards the beauty market in South Korea and what sets it apart. Manish reveals key differentiators, such as a focus on packaging, high-quality ingredients, and a unique approach to reaching new audiences. He emphasizes the importance of differentiation and local insights, touching upon India's multi-market diversity.

The podcast delves into the dynamics of the Indian beauty market, where both traditional and premium brands coexist. The conversation touches on premium brands, celebrity endorsements, and the importance of building a strong brand presence.Loyalty in the beauty industry is also explored, with Manish discussing the evolving aspirations of Indian consumers. Raj and Manish engage in a thought-provoking discussion about identifying gaps and opportunities in the market. Manish emphasizes the need for a contrarian approach and standing out in a crowded market.

Watch this podcast till the end to gain valuable insights into India's beauty industry, marketing strategies, and the keys to building a successful brand in a competitive landscape!


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00:00 - Introduction
2:50 - Largest beauty markets in India
3:39 - Why are Western countries ahead of India? 
7:22 - Success secret of South Korea
13:00 - 4  Ways to make your product stand out
21:30 - Brilliant ways to win the price war
26:32 - How to build a premium product in India? 
27:12 - Deepika Padukone's brand 82°E unsuccessful? 
28:24 - Signalling value in luxurious brands
34:56 - Don'ts for brand building
35:32 - Are celebrity endorsements not working anymore? 
39:04 - Will private labels not work in India? 
42:40 - How to build loyalty? 
45:15 - Top fields to make new businesses in 2023!
50:05 - Product VS Marketing
51:01 - Domino's brilliant marketing strategy
53:06 - How to win by doing things differently? 
58:41 - Conclusion

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