Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Music Industry, Income, MS Dhoni, SRK & More ft.Harrdy Sandhu | FO 128 - Raj Shamani

September 29, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Music Industry, Income, MS Dhoni, SRK & More ft.Harrdy Sandhu | FO 128 - Raj Shamani
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In this episode,Raj talks with the multi-talented Harrdy Sandhu, renowned Indian singer and actor. Together, they explore Harrdy's inspiring journey through music, cricket, and the challenges he overcame on his path to stardom. The conversation begins with a glimpse into Harrdy's early ambitions, where he reflects on his dream of becoming a musician and his background in cricket. He shares anecdotes about cricket legends like MS Dhoni. Harrdy's journey from the cricket field to the music stage is nothing short of remarkable.

Raj delves into Harrdy's decision to transition from cricket to music, a pivotal moment in his life. He opens up about his journey, setbacks, and the relentless determination that eventually propelled him into the world of music. Raj and Harrdy touch on various aspects of the music industry, from the creative process behind building a song to the economics of music. Harrdy shares insights into how artists earn through streaming platforms, live shows, brand collaborations, and royalties. He also discusses his experiences working with other artists, like Sidhu Moose Wala, and the key factors that make a song successful.

The episode concludes with a thought-provoking discussion about the portrayal of struggle stories in Indian music. Harrdy challenges the notion that struggle is a prerequisite for success in the music industry, emphasizing the importance of talent, dedication, and a strong fan base. Join Raj Shamani and Harrdy Sandhu in this illuminating podcast episode, where they shed light on the dynamics of the music industry. Make sure you watch this episode till the end!


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0:00 - Introduction
3:16 - Harrdy Sandhu's Cricket Career
5:19 - MS Dhoni's attitude 
6:23 - Why Harrdy was replaced from the team
15:15 - When Harrdy drove taxi in Australia
18:13 - His deadly injuries 
19:42 - How his music journey started
21:05 - Should Artists get a police protocol?
22:15 - Shocking experiences during concerts
28:35 - How his songs became massive hits
32:56 - Process of building a song
35:52 - Strategy to make a viral song
38:13 - Why doesn't Harrdy get paid for his songs? 
42:27 - His experience with Sidhu Moose Wala
46:29 - Why do artists showcase their struggle stories? 
48:12 - SRK’s fandom & unknown stories
52:51 - Conclusion


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