Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

My Top 24 Hacks For Success, Relationship, Money & Health | Solo Podcast | FO 153 | Raj Shamani

December 30, 2023 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
My Top 24 Hacks For Success, Relationship, Money & Health | Solo Podcast | FO 153 | Raj Shamani
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Today’s video is a special one on Figuring Out. This video has the potential of changing your life and making 2024 your year. But only if you watch it till the end and apply what I say. Because, throughout life I have made many mistakes and I have learned alot from those mistakes and grown even more. Today I’m sharing with you a part of my life which I haven’t shared with you all before. 

In this video, I’m sharing how I figured out my way and got better in different areas of my life through those mistakes. This video is divided into 4 parts- Influence, Relationship, Health and Wisdom. 
I believe these four things define our thoughts, and our thoughts define our actions, our actions define if we achieve our goals and this defines the course of our lives.

In the Influence section, I talked about how you can influence others without being interesting, the art of complimenting and making connections, how to make people do what you want without ordering them, how to cool down any heated  argument or tough situation and much more. 

In the Relationship section, I shared how to make your partner, friends, parents align to your thoughts without making them feel controlled, commanded or manipulated, how to make any friendship or relationship stronger and deeper, the reality of men in relationships and more. We hear alot about taking care of our mental health but how do we actually do that and that’s exactly what I talked about in the health section. Apart from this, I also have the secret to looking good and small habits that will make you look better.

The last section was about wisdom. I shared the red flags within us, how to spot the difference between our needs and wants and save ourselves from overspending. I also shared practical ways to be more confident, make better decisions and feel fulfilled in life. This video isn’t a quick fix but rather how you can become 1% better each day. Till the next video, subscribe to our channel and join us on this journey of Figuring Out.


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00:00 - Intro
01:12 - Influence 
01:57 - Don’t be interesting
03:12 - Don’t compliment on looks
04:24 - Don’t ask me, request me
05:44 - I really appreciate that you told me this
06:38 - Kill them with kindness
08:23 - Only remember start or end
09:43 - Relationships
10:30 - Don’t command & control
12:31 - Don’t have meaningful conversations
14:12 - Don’t give me solutions
15:55 - Stop saying this to women
16:58 - Stop saying this to men
18:03 - Never cry alone
19:27 - Tr