Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Pankaj Tripathi On Politics, Success, Life, Relationships & Main Atal Hoon | FO156 Raj Shamani

January 10, 2024 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Pankaj Tripathi On Politics, Success, Life, Relationships & Main Atal Hoon | FO156 Raj Shamani
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In today’s episode of Figuring Out, I had one of the most loved actors, who was seen in movies like Mirzapur, Gangs of Wasseypur, Sacred Games, OMG 2, Kadak Singh. My guest today is none other than Pankaj Tripathi sir. 

In this episode, I got to know Pankaj sir as a person and some beautiful observations and learnings from his life. We talked about his viral neck movement in Mirzapur, I asked him his definition of love and how love has changed in today’s generation. We also talked about his relationship with his daughter and how he handles difficult conversations. He also shared why every young Indian should travel the corners of India and how that experience will change them. Apart from this, he also shared the different experiences that a kid from a village and a kid from city experiences and how those experiences shape them differently. 

Later, we talked about how an actor’s journey transforms from knowing his characters and art to being bigger than his art. We talked about his latest movie ‘Main Atal Hoon’, the efforts he put in playing the character of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and how he fell in love with the character. I also asked him why Gangs of Wasseypur became such a big hit and why most of the actors in the movie are so popular now. Towards the end, he also shared what success means to him, his memory of getting paid during his initial years and his interest in joining politics. This episode will make you feel the warmth and wisdom of Pankaj sir, so watch it till the end. Till our next episode, subscribe to our channel because we release new episodes like these every Wednesday and Saturday.

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00:00 - Intro
02:16 - Mirzapur neck movement
04:40 - His love for music
05:15 - Love & relationship
08:01 - Relationship with his daughter
10:05 - Every kid should visit whole India
13:08 - City vs Village Lifestyle
16:20 - Gangs of Wasseypur
17:26 - His image & perception
20:17 - Preparing for Main Atal Hoon
24:04 - How to become big in life?
24:45 - What is success for him?
26:56 - First acting fee
27:44 - Glamour
29:30 - Is Pankaj Tripathi joining politics?
30:15 - Favourite Part from Main Atal Hoon
30:50 - Conclusion


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