Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Hair Regrowth, Hair Fall, Hair Transplant, Baldness & Myths -Eugenix Hair Sciences FO157 Raj Shamani

January 13, 2024 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Hair Regrowth, Hair Fall, Hair Transplant, Baldness & Myths -Eugenix Hair Sciences FO157 Raj Shamani
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In today’s episode of Figuring Out, we have the Founder of Eugenix Hair Sciences Dr. Arika Bansal, & Chairman of Eugenix Hair Sciences Dr. Pradeep Sethi in conversation with Raj Shamani. Eugenix is one of the leading hair transplant centres in India. With over 15+ years of experience, they have transformed 15,000+ lives and done over 5,04,00,000+ grafts with almost 100% success rate. Their in-depth knowledge of hair health and hair transplantation is just unmatched, I personally got to know so many new facts about haircare today.

In this episode, we talked about why baldness is increasing in young people, and the truth about hair fall shampoos, gummies, oils, and pills. They also explained the difference between baldness and hair fall and the reasons behind baldness in men and women. They also said a shocking fact about why we should not use hair oil and how it damages our hair. I also asked them about how safe are hair gel and hair wax, and how often we should wash our hair. We also talked about why Turkey is famous for hair transplants, and what’s the procedure of hair transplantation, and the cost of various hair transplants. 

We also talked about their famous clients like Mohammed Shami, Ravi Shastri, and Azharuddin, and how they transformed their lives. We further talked about some of the famous myths about hair loss and debunked them one by one. Towards the end, we also talked about the top three mistakes most Indians make during hair care and how you can avoid making them. They also recommended a few online forums to research hair transplantation. They ended the conversation with a piece of advice for every person who is planning to go for a hair transplantation.



00:00 - Intro
04:05 - Receding hairline
05:32 - Reason of baldness
07:17 - Difference between hairfall & baldness
09:41 - Hairfall shampoo
12:35 - Natural ingredients for hair fall
15:05 - Hair conditioner
16:14 - Hair serum
17:27 - Hair oil
19:15 - Hair gummies
20:13 - Minoxidil & Finasteride
23:05 - Hair wax & hair gel
24:09 - Hair volumizing products
24:43 - Hair dryer & hair straightening
26:40 - Heat protectant products
27:54 - Why is Turkey famous for hair transplant?
32:13 - Process of hair transplantation
38:57 - Precaution after hair transplantation
41:56 - Natural remedies to stop hair loss
43:21 - Effect of stress on hair fall
44:26 - PRP hair treatment
46:01 - Top 3 hair mistakes 
47:34 - Ayurvedic hair fall treatments
48:46 - Mohammed Shami’s hair transplantation
51:27 - Ravi Shastri’s hair transplantation
52:48 - Mohammad Azharuddin’s hair transplantation
53:23 - Cost of hair transplantation
57:14 - Masturbation causes hair loss?
57:38 - Sources to understand hair health
58:53 - Problems in hair transplantation
1:02:47 - Right age for hair transplantation
1:03:26 - Conclusion


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