Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Watch This To Avoid Heart Attack - Exercise, Food & Treatment | Dr. Bimal Chhajer | FO 164 Raj Shamani

February 07, 2024 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Watch This To Avoid Heart Attack - Exercise, Food & Treatment | Dr. Bimal Chhajer | FO 164 Raj Shamani
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00:00 - Intro
03:38 - What is a heart attack? 
06:08 - Detect heart attack in advance
07:12- Type of angiography
08:57- ECG Test
09:53 - Treadmill Test
10:39 - ECG through watches
11:29 - 14 Reasons of heart attack
16:30- Food you should avoid
18:15 - Reality of cooking oil
19:49 - 0 oil cooking
22:21 - Is ghee healthy?
25:12 - 5 things to avoid heart attack
25:53 - Protein supplements
27:37 - Symptoms of heart attack
29:18 - Heart attack because of genetics
30:16 - Reversal of heart disease
31:38 - Normal chest pain vs heart attack pain
33:09 - What is bypass surgery?
34:41 - What are stents?
38:08 - Acidity pain vs heart attack pain
38:54 - His enemies in medical science
41:05- Why are young people dying because of heart attack?
43:35 - Train your heart
45:08 - Good cholesterol vs bad cholesterol
45:59 - Should you eat eggs?
46:47 - Heart health myths
49:58 - Medicine to prevent heart attack
52:04- Turning point in his life
56:02 - His clinics & treatment
01:03:32 - His consultation fee
01:04:50 - His foundation
01:07:02 - Conclusion


In today’s episode of Figuring Out, we have Dr. Bimal Chhajer in conversation with Raj Shamani.
He is known to be one of the best Non-invasive cardiologists in India. He has 125 centres across India. The waiting period to get his appointment goes up to a year, which describes how great he is at his job.

In this episode, we first talked about how heart attacks occur, what are the different tests that one can do to detect heart attacks early on, and the factors that cause heart attacks. We also discussed how dangerous oils are and how no oil is safe for our heart. He also shared how non-vegetarians have a higher chance of getting a heart attack than vegetarian people. He also shared how to cook food without oil. He talked about 5 things that everyone should do daily to reduce the risk of heart attack and some healthy vegetarian options for protein. He also shared how to spot the difference between chest pain and heart attack and how we can reverse the blockages of the heart. He talked about bypass and stent surgery, and what is good and bad cholesterol.

Towards the end, I asked him some popular myths around heart attacks and he debunked them one by one. He also shared what can we do if someone suffers a heart attack in front of us. In the end, he shared the story that changed the direction of his career and made him who he is today.
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