Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Career, Income & Step By Step Guide To Become A Racer In India | Lucio & Rajini | Raj Shamani | FO166

February 14, 2024 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Career, Income & Step By Step Guide To Become A Racer In India | Lucio & Rajini | Raj Shamani | FO166
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00:00 - Introduction
3:47 - Who are Rajini & Lucio?
14:23 - Is Motorbike Racing an expensive career?
18:14 - Money needed in India in Motorbike Racing
19:59 - Rajini & Lucio's responsibility in race
23:20 - How much money can you make in racing? 
25:28 - How dangerous is this sport? 
27:16 - Why is this sport not accepted in India? 
30:15 - How does a race team work? 
33:44 - Rajini & Lucio's near-death moments & crashes
36:59 - Favorite racers in the world
38:39 - Conclusion


In today’s episode, Raj is in talks with  Lucio Cecchinello from Italy and Rajini Krishnan from India. Both of them have dedicated their lives to the world of motorcycle racing and have made their name in the industry very big!

Rajini Krishnan, hailing from Chennai, shares his remarkable journey from riding his brother's scooter at the age of 16 to becoming a professional motorcycle racer. A career path filled with struggles, hard work, and determination led him to make a name for himself on the racetrack. Lucio Cecchinello, born in Venice, Italy, was drawn to the thrill of speed from an early age. His racing career started in a unique way! He shares how he financed his early days as a racer, eventually transitioning from a rider to managing his own racing team.

Both Rajini and Lucio discuss the challenges they faced starting their careers at a young age. The podcast delves into the financial aspects of motorcycle racing. Lucio highlights the substantial investment required in this sport and outlines the costs involved in starting a career and the ongoing expenses, emphasizing that the passion for racing often outweighs the financial burden. Safety in motorcycle racing is a pressing topic. Rajini and Lucio discuss the measures taken to ensure safety on the racetrack while acknowledging the inherent risks of the sport. They share their perspectives on the importance of overcoming fear and the dedication it takes to pursue a career in racing.

The conversation then shifts to the popularity of motorcycle racing in India compared to other sports. Rajini highlights the lack of media coverage as a key factor and shares his hope for the sport's growth in the country. Lucio adds that racing is evolving worldwide and believes it's only a matter of time before it gains widespread recognition in India. So, gear up and get ready to be inspired by the tales of determination, passion, and pure speed from two exceptional motorcycle racing champions. This episode promises to be a thrilling ride, make sure you watch it till the end!

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