Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Kunal Kemmu On Actions Movies, Income, Love, Family Life & Alpha Males | FO 168 | Raj Shamani

February 21, 2024 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Kunal Kemmu On Actions Movies, Income, Love, Family Life & Alpha Males | FO 168 | Raj Shamani
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00:00 - Intro
02:33 - His childhood
06:22 - His iconic song tennu le
08:13 - Content Creators vs Actors
10:49 - Alpha male narrative
17:01 - Why are action movies becoming popular?
19:32 - Most difficult part of actors journey
22:42 - Relevancy for actors
26:05 - Is Shah Rukh Khan the last of the stars?
29:43 - Most important skill for an actor
32:01 - His love story
35:54 - His first meeting with Soha’s parents
38:44 - His relationship with Soha Ali Khan
40:37 - His take on love
44:07 - Do actors develop feelings during intimate scenes?
47:52 - What kind of movies does he want to do now?
49:06 - His bucket list
50:09 - Income of actors
53:38 - Conclusion


In today’s episode of Figuring Out, we have Kunal Kemmu in conversation with Raj Shamani. He was seen in one of our most favourite iconic movies Golmaal 3. He has also done some well-known movies like Kalyug, Go Goa Gone, and web series like Abhay. He has been a director and songwriter for the movie Madgaon Express. In today’s conversation, he was totally unfiltered and fun to listen to.

In this episode, he shared about his childhood stories, and how he got his first film with Aamir Khan at the age of 9. We talked about why creators can’t be actors and the perception behind it. He shared the most difficult part of becoming an actor, the reality of the film industry and films. We also discussed what’s the difference between actors like Shah Rukh Khan who are still relevant and other actors from their time who are struggling now. He also opened up about his love story with Soha Ali Khan, how they met, and how he got along with the Pataudi family.

Towards the end, he shared his take on love, what it means to be an ‘Alpha Male’, and how people are looking at it these days. He also talked about whether or not actors develop feelings for their co-actors while doing a romantic scene. We ended with discussing his bucket list of 2024, and how much money he received for his first movie. This conversation will surely keep you hooked till the end. And for more such podcasts, subscribe to our channel and join us on this journey of Figuring Out. 

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