Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Shark Tank India, Losses In Inshorts, Valuation, Startups & IIT - Azhar Iqubal | FO 171 Raj Shamani

March 02, 2024 Raj Shamani
Figuring Out with Raj Shamani
Shark Tank India, Losses In Inshorts, Valuation, Startups & IIT - Azhar Iqubal | FO 171 Raj Shamani
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00:00 - Intro
03:10 Azhar Iqubal’s Education and Background
06:45 Connection with hindi language
07: 43 His source of confidence
09:04 IIT Delhi Journey
10:53 Journey behind generating the inshorts idea 
11:40 His 2 failed business ideas before inshorts
14:45 Idea of Inshorts
16:05 Execution of Inshorts idea
17:05 First funding for Inshorts
18:23 “Repeat users” business metric 
19:40 Most important business metric for Inshorts
21:06 How Inshorts earn money
25:53 FY 2023: Inshorts is in loss
30:00 Are start-ups wasting money?
32: 53 Shark Tank India Experience
38:28 Azhar’s favourite sharks and views on other sharks
41:00 Pitches in Shark Tank
45:04 What Type of businesses work in India
50:27 Experience economy in urban India
54:43 Reputation Matters a lot in Small City & Towns
56:15 Late marriage and no kids trend in India
1:00:07 How someone from a small city can make money
1:04:52 - Conclusion


In today’s episode of Figuring Out, we have Azhar Iqubal in conversation with Raj Shamani. He is the founder of one of the most used apps Inshorts. With millions of active monthly users, this app has become a part of most people’s daily life. Today the man behind this brilliant app himself will share his story.

In this episode, he shared about his early days, and how he is so confident and comfortable in himself. He then shared how he got into IIT Delhi and the different startup ideas that he had in mind before building Inshorts. We also talked about the story of how he built Inshorts from scratch, the time when he got funding, and the journey after that of making the app profitable. We also talked about how Inshorts is earning money, and how much they charge for different ads. He also shared about different metrics by which the growth of inshorts is calculated and his other startup Public. 

Later, we talked about his experience being on Shark Tank as a Shark. He then shared about his favorite sharks, his memories from the show and how the show works. Towards the end, we talked about why the rates of marriages are decreasing and the choices of having kids after marriage are decreasing. We end with discussing what Indian consumers want, and insights for anyone who is planning to start a business in India. For more such insightful podcasts, subscribe to our channel because we come up with new podcasts every Wednesday and Saturday. 

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Raj Shamani is an Entrepreneur at heart that explains his expertise in Business Content Creation & Public Speaking. He has delivered 200+ speeches in 26+ countries. Besides that, Raj is also an Angel Investor interested in crazy minds who are creating a sensation in the Fintech, FMCG, & passion economy space.

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